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Project Lavender in Allegany County, NY and surrounding areas

8th Annual
Lavender Festival - July 4th, 2015


Vendors interested in attending festival: Handmade products please. Contact Sharon
for more information at

Taking reservations for the High Tea, call 585-466-3397

Lavender Festival's past events

Locally handmade Art, Crafts, Food, Lavender Wine...all inspired by Lavender

in the Park Circle, 9-4, in historic Angelica, NY

About Project Lavender

Plants for our NY zone

Interested in becoming a vendor, or volunteering your time to help with the event? Please contact us!

The original Lavender Bunch: Marika Burke, Sharon Rader, Fleurette Pelletier, Pat Kaake ~ Photo by Kathryn Ross WDR

Questions? Send us an email to:

Lavender Festival Posters for $10,
Limited editions, suitable for framing with artwork by:
Shannon Kaake, Marika Burke, Pat Kaake and Jennifer Kelley
Can be mailed for cost of USPS postage.

A Note from Sharon Rader: Hello!
Thank You for inquiring about Project Lavender, the project is still ongoing. We have had a lot of interest in the project and unfortunately not enough time to keep things updated. Those of us involved with the administration of the project are also heavily involved with many other community projects and jump from one to the other to keep them all going. The largest reaction to project lavender has been the Lavender Festival held along with the Angelica Farmers' Market on the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend every summer. A goal of ours is to add a lavender tour to the weekend. Historically we have held a spring meeting each year and hope to have one this year also.

Several of us have planted lavender (from a few garden or container plants to raised beds to starting plants in greenhouses). Personally, I have 3 raised beds, 12x10, built in view of the road, in a high deer traffic area. I have experimented with Hidcote, Munstead, Grosso, Lady, and Dilly Dilly. Grosso and Lady produce wonderfully but I cannot overwinter them (I'm zone 4). Hidcote, Munstead, and Dilly Dilly do overwinter and I am still experimenting with different winter covers. I grow culinary lavender and sell baked goods and the lavender buds to several restaurants who have used it in ice cream, pancakes, and savory dishes.

When we started this project there was no information on lavender being grown in our area and we have found that it is definitely possible using the right cultivars. Hidcote and Munstead have proved to be hardy, and Vandermark Farms in Scio has introduced us to Dilly Dilly (a cultivar developed for the northern climes). Another goal was to encourage cottage industries using, or inspired by lavender. This has also been successful with many vendors at the festival, products include but are not limited to; personal care products, baked goods, pottery, art, crafts, bedding plants, etc. A book that I found helpful is Growing Lavender; A Guide for Cooler Climates by Christine Moore. There is also great info on the web.

We hope that this excites you like it does us, and would love to see you get involved.

More information can be viewed here: Overwintering, Harvest & drying
which has been collected from various web sites.


If you have any questions, you can contact Sharon at the above email, or call Sharon at 845-548-6258

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